Realistic Goals

Before we moved into the house I had grand visions of tearing down this wall, removing that cabinet, painting this color or that. Then the onslaught of boxes and items began filling the truck and the painting soon moved to the bottom of the list. Then the avalanche of boxes began filling the house and the reconstruction moved down the list.  Today I am sitting here thankful that the “to do” list, while not gone is slowing in its speed and need.

First we were going to remove this wall.  It really didn’t seem to make sense to us. It’s in the middle of the room. The desk is ugly and impractical. Don’t even think about the colors in this room.  Then we saw there were outlets on both sides of this wall and the decision to put off the demo was made.  Now that the bed, nightstands and tv are in the new master bedroom I do believe this wall will stay.  It blocks the view of the bed from the living area of the house and provides a bit of privacy on the chance that we ever have company. I also very much like the desk in front of the windows which is visible from the bedroom or the living area and the ugly built in desk will be removed and replaced with floor to ceiling shelves for a book shelf area.  As for painting the bedroom, maybe while i’m on vacation over the holidays.  The jury is out on that task at the moment and i’m making the best of a situation with the two toned lime green walls.

Ceiling fans.  One thing we are not short on is ceiling fans. There are people for and against ceiling fans, but since we heat partially with wood the fans allow for a nice air flow that helps to distribute the heat from the living room through the entire house.  Well, with the exception of the cold toilet seats that is. In total, we have 6 ceiling fans in 5 rooms.  The bedroom has one on each side of the above mentioned wall. This could be a costly re-do. Here are some of the choices at Home Depot and Amazon that caught my eye. Mr. S really likes a higher priced one that we saw last year for the dinning area. We’ll see if it can be located again.

We had our first snow today. It didn’t stick, but it definately gave us a heads up on what is coming our way shortly.  Time to really get busy, get unpacked and prepare for the next 4 months or so.

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