A Red Picket Fence

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Today’s fun post is about picket fences. I love them!

Picket fences are symbolic, functional and sometimes even fun.

Have you searched picket fences on Pinterest?

Oh my goodness!!!

picket fences

This time is no exception.

Let me back up and tell you about our dilemma.

We were in need of a headboard for our bed.

These are not easy to come across thrift wise for king size beds.

Once we moved into Suttons Daze there was a window at the head of the bed which we both enjoyed.

I love the free breeze on a warm summer evening, the sounds of the frogs in the spring, the glow of a full moon.

I didn’t have any urgency in locating a headboard and it was becoming a challenge to locate one that would not obstruct the list above.

Then there was that night. That night when I stretched in my sleep, pushed my arm out and inadvertently pushed the screen right out of the window. Instantly awake at some exhausting middle of the night hour, I bolted up afraid that I had also pushed one of our strictly indoor cats out with the screen or that if I was lucky enough to have escaped that fate, they would now make a run for it to check out what was happening in the night. I managed to get the window closed, do a head count, retrieve my pillows from the lawn and we both settled back in for the remainder of the night, sans the fresh air on that hot summer night.

So now that spring has sprung it has become imperative (in my mind) to get a headboard for safety reasons.  The safety of the cats and the safety of my sanity.

Having spent months checking out various online stores, DIY ideas and almost to the point of giving up hope and resignation to a permanently closed window we were discussing how to make a headboard and what we might have available in the barn to use.

Picket Fence!

We have a few picket fence panels left over from a previous project that were waiting for a new use.

This could work!

Mr. S brought the panel into the garage and we did some measuring, then some cutting, light sanding and painting

While I was at a meeting one evening he went to work and attached it to our bed frame.

picket fence headboard

 Not only did we finally have a bed frame but we had a bed frame that would allow the breeze on a warm summer evening, the sounds of the frogs in the spring, the glow of a full moon. All the while greatly reducing my fears that i’ll push my beloved fur babies out the window one night in my sleep.

picket fence headboard

We’ve tested it for a few weeks and my only concern has been put to rest.

No Splinters!


We’re enjoying our new red picket fence headboard.

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