And the unpacking begins

We’re slowly getting unpacked and settled in. Who knew I had so much for the kitchen?  At the moment i’m simply putting things where I think they might go, with the intent to completely organize once all the boxes are empty.  In the mean time i’m faking it and working with what I can find.

The alarm clock is still MIA which for the purpose of waking up is not an issue. I haven’t set an alarm clock in years. My body and mind are so accustomed to waking at 6am that I automatically roll over around that time, give or take. The time change in addition to the move may be the cause of me waking up at 4:30 / 5am instead. But I also believe it is, in part, because I cannot see what time it is so I just get up. I WILL find that alarm clock today!

The repair man was a no show yesterday, however after a phone call he will be out today to fix the hook up for the washer.  Now if I could just get the trash company to drop off the dumpster everything would be perfect.  I was on top of this issue. Ordered the dumpster two weeks ago. They didnt deliver for some reason and thanks to St. Antlers Day (Michigan’s opening day for deer season) nothing got done yesterday.

I’ve got a busy day ahead of me today but with any luck I can begin the photo’s and remodeling of Suttons Daze soon.

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