Bird Real Estate

I’m a touch fond of our feathered friends here at Suttons Daze. We have a lot of birds that visit our feeders and I have been looking forward to putting up some housing for our visitors as well. We had moderate success at our previous address with “renters” and I attribute it to sheer dumb luck. But enjoyed it none the less.

7 inches of snow one day and the next Mr. S is helping me place the first of the painted houses up in the trees. Our little attempt at manifesting spring.

There is an Arts & Crafts show that happens here locally every June. This year will mark its 29th year. ┬áThere is an artisan that I have visited for the last 3 years now who makes a multitude of different items from wood. My favorite is….. yes, you guessed it. Birdhouses! ┬áHe only puts them together and for a small fee I am allowed to take a few home to paint and enjoy and place in the yard.

There are three more waiting for my attention, 2 of which we can place in the yard as soon as they are completed. One requires its own special post and will have to wait until the ground thaws enough.

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