Can I?

Do you can?


Running a bit behind this year I started canning before I made my canning list. This weekend I completed the jars of pickled beets for Mr. S. He will have plenty to last him until next year.  Today I started making my canning list.  Items that I would like to can in order to stock the pantry for the winter months. A number of these items I will be picking up at our local farm market. I love the market and purchase most of my items from two local farms. One is a mile from our house and the other is 7 miles.  Both are amazing!

I have unrealistic dreams of a small farm.  Unrealistic because I don’t know enough, don’t have enough land and i’m getting older.  But I can live vicariously through these great people!

Some of the items Tomatoes and Apples will be grown right here at Suttons Daze and at a friends home just a bit down the road.

Some items will be ready to heat meals for those cold winter nights when we’re too tired to cook but need a hot meal. You can see our progress through the daily posts or by visiting my Project List

  1. Can 24 pints of salmon
  2. Can 24 pints of mushrooms
  3. Can 12 pints of chili
  4. Can 12 pints of chicken soup
  5. Can 12 pints of bean & ham soup
  6. Can 12 pints of veg soup
  7. Can 12 pints of beef stew
  8. Can 12 pints of shredded pork
  9. Can 12 pints of ground beef
  10. Can 48 pints of various tomato products
  11. Can 12 pints of pickles
  12. Can 12 pints of thin apple sauce
  13. Can 12 pints of chunky apple sauce
  14. Can 12 pints of apple pie filling


For the next few months the canning equipment will be a constant in the kitchen. The crock pot put away until autumn arrives.

I am considering canning some more veggies, but we’ll see what kind of deals I come across at the market.

A great resource for canners new and experienced is the Ball Blue Book Of Canning And Preserving Recipes

There is also a wonderfully friendly, knowledgeable group on Facebook simply called Canning.  These great folks are so supportive it’s like having your own canning cheerleading squad.

Do you can?  I’m fairly new to it, but am enjoying it tremendously.  I like the fact that I can prepare food for our household that is healthy, safe and a fresh. 

I look forward to sharing our progress with you over the next few months.



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