Hi everyone!

We’ve been pretty busy here around SuttonsDaze with a bunch of spring projects.  First we started cutting down the dead ash trees in the yard. Managed to get 6 down, 4 cut up and there is still about 6 to take down.  Then that project stalled out because I went and purchased some farm fresh eggs from a woman down the road a bit.  That’ is the trigger that caused a derailment like non-other.

She was kind enough to show me her chickens, ducks, property and we started talking.  She has 3 roosters but needs to re-home one because the other two pick on him horribly.  After an hour or so I left with my fresh eggs to go find Mr. S.

I found him, gave him that sweet innocent smile of mine and said “Honey, can I have a rooster?  Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease”  HAHA

Well, because this man loves me more than I understand some days he said yes and the derailment was official and for a much longer term than anticipated.  First we got in touch with a friend who we knew wanted an old shed out of his yard.  So we headed over with the trailer and returned with a shed that had been sitting in the same spot for more than 20 years.


That was an engineering feat, a transportation miracle, and the beginning of the fun.  It took us about 6 hours to load, transport and unload. We decided to place it on two pallets because we didn’t trust the floor.  At that point we were exhausted!  There was laundry to do, dinner to be made and Monday morning was encroaching much too quickly.

Monday Mr. S. got the shed cleaned out, the post holes dug and then……….

Cooptastic 2


the weather decided to work against us.  Cold and wet weather along with work kept us from doing anything until the next weekend.

Post holes filled with posts, Chicken wire attached to 2/3 of the posts. The chicken door cut out…………..

Cooptastic 3


And then the weather turned against us………….. see a theme building here?

It got cold!  I don’t know about you, but I am not motivated to spend quality time in the cold after a full day at work.  So, much to our dismay nothing has happened this past week either.

Well, except some planning and plotting.

Long story short we bartered some old farm buildings and or remnants earlier this winter.  We’ve been waiting for the weather to clear and the ground to dry a bit before we tackled that project.  But on the way to town one day I noticed that one of the buildings we were going to be acquiring had the PERFECT roof for the coop!  So this morning we met up early and took apart the old shed,

Cooptastic 4

It was hard!  But it was much easier than I thought it was going to be.  First the sides had to come off, then we had to dismantle the roof from the side that was on the ground, then flip the roof onto the trailer, then load up all that wonderful barn wood. Took us an hour give or take.

Cooptastic 5


Unloading took just a few minutes.  Tomorrow the roof gets put on.  But today……..


Today I re-enforce the structure, add insulation, build the box that goes over their little door, install the roosts and hopefully paint the coop.

Tomorrow morning is fixing the main door, putting in the nesting boxes, adding two gates, finishing the fence, adding the straw and picking up the rooster.

Stay tuned!  The unveiling will be very soon!

Sneak peeks will be available on my Instragram.





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