Fabulous Footstools & Thrifty Thursday!


My name is Leisa and I am a footstool addict. *sigh*

I mean really, can you ever have enough footstools?

They are great accent pieces, they help you reach your goals (i.e. the top shelf), they assist your children or grandchildren with their goals (i.e. the faucet), they make you feel good after a hard day (propping your feet up) and they are inexpensive and fun to make over.

It’s almost the perfect relationship!

There is the footstool by my desk

the footstool by my chair

the footstool in the closet

the footstool in the bath

(No I am not showing you all of them because I’m blogging instead of vacuuming the cat hair off of them *blush*)

and now…..the footstool that I couldn’t resist.

All her vintage yellowness, her round shape, she is a little goddess in her own right.

She’s so cute but has some wear and tear that I would just as soon cover up so the hunt begins through the pile for just the right fabric to give her a new look. I am keeping her vintage vinyl yellow intact just in case I find the perfect vintage vinyl repair kit at some point in the future.

I remembered an impulse Goodwill skirt purchase. I loved the pattern but when I actually put it on I was less than impressed.  It’s PERFECT!  And there is material left over for an accent pillow!  Wooop!  Score!  Re-purpose, Re-use, Re-invent!

Now, what color should her legs be……..

Let’s keep a little of that personality and go a with a base of orange, technically the name of the paint is Elmo’s Fire *grin*.  Totallly takes me back to the “Brat Pack” days! And then barn red over it. A little distressing of the legs to show all 3 layers and wala!


Do you love footstools?

Make it a great day everyone!


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