Friday Freezer Facts

FreezeMashedPotatoes - SuttonsDaze

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching and if you’re anything like me there are a variety of leftovers to deal with. One of those items is mashed potatoes.  You can simply reheat them for a day or two, add them to a soup base, fry them up in little cakes or…. freeze them!

Did you know that you can freeze mashed potatoes?

You can!

Simply scoop potatoes on to a cookie sheet and freeze in scoop formation. Once frozen, move to a freezer bag and you will have mashed potatoes that last for up to two months! Pull them out when needed for a quick side dish.

If you want to prepare quick easy homemade meals that take little or no time to heat and serve this is a great prep.

Quick, easy, homemade goodness.

Have you frozen mashed potatoes?


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