Heat Wave!

Like the rest of the country we’re experiencing a heat wave. Out of this world irregular temps that frazzle body and mind at times.  There is no chance of me hanging out in the barn for any length of time working on the projects started in this heat. So it’s time to start some of the small projects on the list inside. Thank you central air!!

A couple weeks ago we had Art on the Beach. An arts & crafts fair held every year on the last full weekend of June for 29 years now.  This event is fun! Creativity everywhere! This is also where they raffled off the paddle we painted for the Shelton Fund for the Arts.  From what i’m told it went to someone who really wanted it and was uber excited when she found out she won *grin*

My favorites are the Garden Club Auction which I historically spend too much money at justifying that it’s for a good cause. The Garden Club takes real good care of our town, making it look nice for residents and visitors alike.

My favorite auction take away this year was the metal butterfly that now sits in our butterfly garden quietly encouraging the plants to catch up with it.

My second favorite exhibitor is a wood worker who makes bird houses *grin & giggle* and other items all winter long to sell at 3 shows a year.  I always pick up a bunch of bird houses to paint over the winter and this year was no exception.  Additionally this year I picked up two of these nice little ……. what would you call them?  Drawer thingys? Mr. S says they are “crates with drawers”

The plan is to use them in the breeze way for hats, mittens, scarves, etc. The best part about Bills stuff is that it’s naked *blush*  Meaning I get to pick the colors, the stains, the everything about how it will look in the end.







So for an indoor project we grabbed the drop cloths and headed into the dinning room with paint brushes in hand.

Thank goodness for drop cloths!  I have the messy paint gene that causes painting of any type to be a full body experience.  Mr. S didn’t have a drop on him. I on the other hand had arms, elbows, fingers and thank goodness the drop cloth to prove I had a brush in my hand.

We had some left over paint from our previous kitchen, it’s called “Cow Poke”  I JUST LOVE THAT NAME!. For that matter it tickled the man at the paint store so much that when ever I go in to purchase more paint he asks if I’m getting more Cow Poke. *grin* And we’re still using up that barn red that I love dearly.

I knew I wanted chalkboard labels on the front to indicate what was supposed to be in each drawer. Hats, gloves, mittens, scarves. I had a big chalkboard label collecting dust and decided it would do the trick, once I cut it down to size. Pencil and paint chip in hand I made six labels for the drawer fronts.




I’m undecided yet if they’ll be side by side or stacked, but either way I’m hoping they lead to a slightly more organized cold weather season.

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