I was Caught!

You know that moment just before you go over the edge in a roller coaster?  When you can just peek over the edge but still don’t see the complete picture. When you’re heart starts beating in anticipation and excitement. That’s how I felt as I read Gails post tonight at My Repurposed Life.  I linked up Farmhouse Ritz,

my first real blog project at her Catch as Catch Can linky party last week and was beside myself (just ask Mr S.) when Gail herself commented on the project.  You see, I’ve been following Gail for about a year now and this is about as close to hero worship as a 46 year old newbie blogger can get.

So imagine my surprise and excitement when I went to My Repurposed Life tonight and as I’m reading and admiring the projects she highlighted that I find that my project was picked as the viewer favorite!

I thought I was motivated before, but this is amazing !  I hope you’ll all stick with me as I get this whole blogging thing down and as I share my love of remaking, repurposing and recreating.

Thank You! Thank You!

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