Hello everyone!  I hope you’re having a wonderful day where ever you are, what ever you’re doing.

Today is a great autumn day in northeastern Michigan.  40’s, grey as grey gets and drizzling.

Mr. S has been telling me about going to the junk yard near our house.  Today was the perfect day to go check things out.

While I didn’t find anything that I could use today…… I will be going back often to see what kind of trouble I can get into.

Nothing came home with me…… except some photos!

I just love the colors on these old cars. Beautiful rustiness!



It’s driving me silly trying to think of a use for the hood on this truck.


It’s a Gold Comet……… not sure what that is but I do believe I love it!


I was walking past this trailer when the colors caught my attention. I had to turn around and get a shot.  The picture still doesn’t do it justice. It’s simply beautiful in it’s rusty decay with the art deco style along the top. Dreamy!



A great way to spend a grey Michigan autumn day.  Adventure and inspiration.



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