Laundry Room Progress

Woke up this morning to a sheer curtain of steady mist falling from the sky.  Perfect day for painting inside!  So Mr. S. & I got busy. The walls turned out to be the easy part.  They took a couple hours. It’s a small room and with two of us, a ladder and the washer & dryer it got a bit cramped. We endured and then the ideas came and some of them went right back out again.  We decided to paint the ceiling fan blades the same color as the cabinets. It’s going to look awesome!  The cabinets and the ceiling fan blades are taking much longer than the walls. Multiple coats (we’re at 3) and the drying time seems to have slowed down from this morning.

While waiting for the cabinets to finish drying I could wait no longer and installed the vinyl on the wall.

This just makes me smile, makes me happy and silly. I think vinyl lettering on walls is the greatest idea since crown molding!

If all goes according to plan (when does it ever?)  i’ll be able to finish up the cabinets and fan blades tonight and install them tomorrow.  Keep your fingers crossed!

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