Master Bath update

Master Bath Update: Thanks to help from a friend the master bath was painted yesterday. I have a little touch up work to do tonight, then hang up those gorgeous towel racks and such and take some measurements for molding to frame in the mirrors. I’m hoping to get that done this weekend.  Almost done with room #2 since the move in. Photo’s coming soon! But for a reminder here is the real estate photo of the bathroom.

I may never totally understand the valances over the mirrors or the stickers on the tub step. What you’re not seeing is to the left of the garden tub is the commode and behind that door knob is the shower stall.  Long term project (for when the budget allows) we’ll be replacing the cabinets, sinks and counter top.  Mauve is not a color I’ve ever been particularly fond of. We have decided that we’re apt enough at sharing a sink so we’ll reduce down to one sink and add more storage space instead. We have it all planned out, now just need to win the lottery *grin*

I’ve got my eye out for a dresser or table to repurpose into the cabinet. I can see it in my minds eye, just need to run across it. When it’s time it will appear. I’ve learned that much!  Besides, auction and garage sale season are coming up quickly. Always a vast treasure trove to explore.

We’re having some friends over Saturday night to play cards. In preparation I made a batch of apple pie.  Have you tried apple pie? Mmm Mmm good!  I’m looking forward to some summer parties where I can make a few batches of this and put them in mason jars in a bucket of ice in the yard.  We may have to warn people to bring tents!

For dinner i’m scouting out some simple crock pot appetizers. Sweet & Spicy Kielbasa is on the list as well as super simple Crockpot Onion Meatballs.  I have one more pot to fill though and can’t decide what it should be. I’ll have to make up my mind quickly so I can pick it up on the way home from work tomorrow.





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