Master Bedroom Update

Hi everyone!  I am so happy to announce that 17 months after moving into SuttonsDaze the master bedroom is finally painted!

*big cheesy grin*

The adventure began the day we moved in.  Of course we were aware of the color choices of the former owner but time and money played a factor in what we did upon move in day. Essentially, all we did is …….. Move in.

Photo’s from our walk through are below. They are lousy photo’s so I apologize, but you get the gist of what we moved into.


When we first looked at this house we were certain that the wall with the desk above was not staying. It made no sense to us.  For that matter, this room we believe was originally meant to be an office or family room.

2245 Door walls


After a short time we realized it has much value…….

The door walls look out to the back of the property, which honestly is what we first fell in love with.  The “real” master suite is on the other end of the house and look out onto the front yard which is not nearly as pretty or well visited by the local wild life as the back.  So we decided to make this room our bedroom.  No, there is no attached bath, nor a closet. But the view is to die for!  That desk wall provides a bit of privacy from the main area of the house for the bedroom area and separates the office portion from the bedroom portion of the room.

The colors in this room were not to die for, they were deadly!  Some walls were sage green, some walls were lime green.  Amazingly enough, after living with it for about a month you stop seeing the green.  Not completely, but enough so that you’re able to sleep.

Then it went from lime green to barn red. I knew I was in love the moment I lay down in bed that night and stared at the newly red wall.  It was deep, rich and comforting……. and then 6 months later I was still trying to get to the rest of the room.

And now for the big reveal!

Bedroom Makeover

Painted walls, new window treatments…. what a difference!

The wall of mirrors is the solution to the 17 month question of what I could put on that wall. It gets direct light all of the time and didn’t want to fade any photographs or artwork.  So, a few random trips to the thrift store scored me the mirrors you see all for less than $7.00!


The office area, seen below from the walk through photo took some creative thinking when it came to furniture.  The desk fit perfectly in front of the window and I spend much time there watching the wildlife that visits.


And this is what it looks like today!



Before & After

music wall after


So, here we are.  There are a few tweeks yet to come.  Wall accessories and such that I’ll share with you soon.

We’re onto the next big adventure.  Painting the hallway, living room, dining room, kitchen, master bath,…… you get the drift dontcha?

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