Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Hi everyone!  I’m running a bit late with completing the desk I’m working on so I thought I’d do a quick and easy project in the mean time.

But wait!

This is so exciting!

We were featured!!

New House

Our little Fireside Beauty was featured at the All Star Block Party.  Stop on over and see all of the great projects linked up to this party. So many talented folks!


Now let me introduce you to this weeks impromptu project. This old mirror came out of the basement at the old house and made the move with us to the Suttons Daze. I figured we would do something with it eventually *grin*  Now seems like as good a time as any.

So first we taped ……

and taped………

and taped…….

And then we primed…..

I already love this frame much more than I thought I would.

Look at that great detail once it’s primed.

Today it hit 87 degrees with high humidity. The great lakes are doing their job and making certain no one has a good hair day.  I primed the mirror outside and quickly carried it back into the house to dry. It’s 9pm and very muggy outside so what’s a girl to do?  Well, paint the mirror in the kitchen of course!


I think I’m lovin this color!

By now it’s 10pm and I’m clock watching because I really want this paint to dry so I can hang up the mirror and take pictures…….

tick tock

tick tock

*should I get the blow dryer out and expedite the process?*

tick tock

tick tock

It is now 11pm and tada!!!

I love it and have officially decided on the color scheme for this room which is being made into a large walk-in closet……… some time this year. *grin*

Oonagh decided she wanted her presence known and insisted on being in the photo with her glowing eyes.

So there we have it… Mirror Mirror on the wall, who’s the craftiest of them all?

This little project cost nothing extra because we had all of the primer, paint and even the mirror in our stash.

I believe that I will now be scoping out mirrors like this to redo.  Fun, fast, easy…… who says instant gratification is a bad thing?


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