My Favorite Time of Day………

My favorite time of day…….. 6:30am

I head out to feed and water Doodle and the Bugs. The air is crisp and a gentle frost has coated everything over night. I take care of business, chit chatting with the bugs while I scope out their surroundings for any changes, invaders etc. They are all excited about breakfast and trying to avoid Doodle.

As I begin to leave the run I start to notice the sounds around me. The pileated woodpecker has been spending early mornings and late evenings with me each day for over a month. Calling a happy good morning or good evening song while I take care of the bugs.

The spring song birds are joining in the chorus now and it is an assortment of cheery activity. A rare hoot appears from off in the distance that catches my ear and I stand still waiting to see if I heard correctly. Breath…., breath…….., yes! There is an owl not too close, but not too far either. I wait and listen to it a few more times while my eyes critically go over every aspect of the run and my mind works on safety measures that might possibly be added to protect our silly flock further from predators.

My steamy breath catches my attention and I notice the chill again. It’s time to head back inside. I turn to walk back up to the house and stop when two young rabbits catch my eye. They are playing a game of tag in the front yard. Taking turns chasing each other round and round. I watch them for a few minutes, realizing that I have a big goofy grin on my face, a result of their antics. But as I start towards the house again they notice me and scamper off into the brush.

My favorite time of the day……. 6:30am. When the cacophony of life is still at bay and quiet wonder surrounds us.


My Favorite Time of Day


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