P.O.D. June 6 and Rhubarb Pie

The “vacation days” are dwindling down quickly and the to do list is not moving as quickly as I would like.  Yesterday had a ton of good intentions however we got side tracked a few times which impeded progress significantly in my opinion.

1. Farmers Market was great, though it appears I was a bit early in the season for beets.  I managed to get what they had which was quite a bit less than I had hoped for.  Take 12 quarts down to 1, maybe 2.

2. Rhubarb!  Mr. S LOVES Rhubarb.  I have only one experience with it and I thought it was nasty.  However we picked up some fresh rhubarb and I made my very first pie.  Rhubarb pie at that.  This is the recipe that I used and it was super simple!!

Rhubarb Pie


My only experience with rhubarb pie prior to this was 15-20 years ago when I was convinced to try some strawberry rhubarb pie. Truth be told it was horrible.  Enough so that I never attempted to eat it again.  Mr. S convinced me to take a bite of my creation and I was so surprised!  This was good!  So I cut a sliver of the pie for myself and continued to be surprised and happy that it turned out so well.  The only thing I will change about this recipe in the future is the amount of sugar.  I really feel it had too much sugar in it.  But it was good!

We took a few minutes and hit the local St. Vincent store to look for a few odds and ends.

1. I seem to be running short on hangers.  There is no better place to pick up hangers!  Older, stronger, more durable hangers at a fraction of the cost of the new cheap hangers they sell.

2. I was hoping to find a little cat crate that I could convert into a nesting box for Daisy.  Instead we found 3 stackable vegetable bins for .50 cents each. Perfect!!

3. I found an old metal cake tin that I can use for Doodle and Daisy’s food instead of my vintage pyrex.

4. Mr. S. spotted some foam padding that is perfect for two gorgeous benches that I want to make over.

All in all we spent 45 minutes and $6.00  Love it!!

By the time we went to the farm market, hit two grocery stores and St. Vincent’s, got home and unpacked everything we were struggling to stay focused.  I started on the pie and Mr. S. headed out to the barn to work on one of my projects from the master list.

A couple hours later we both decided a nap was in order. The combination of the weather, his back hurting and me just being tired for some reason stalled the day completely. As a result, most of yesterdays list is a repeat today. With a few extra tasks for good measure. Good news/Bad news is that I woke up at 3am today and it does not appear that I will be going back to sleep.  So technically I have a head start.  Yeah, that’s what I’m going to keep telling myself as the day progresses.

P.O.D. for today


  1. Bank Deposit
  2. Box up misc for theater fundraiser garage sale
  3. Clean coop & install new nesting box
  4. Pickle  beets – This is the recipe I plan on using
  5. Finish vanity chair
  6. Finish the stool
  7. Paint remaining bird houses (3)
  8. Tackle all the paperwork i’ve been avoiding
  9. Build roost for chicken pen (moved from Tuesday)
  10. Finish Laundry
  11. Dehydrate 5 lbs of onions (5 lbs of onions fits perfectly in one quart jar!)
  12. 4pm drop off theater fundraiser donations
  13. 5pm pick up chicken from local farm for dinner
  14. Attach bird houses to post near herb garden
  15. Weed a little bit of the herb garden. (It’s going to be a daily chore for a while I think)

I hope you all have a productive day.  What’s on your P.O.D.?


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