Thrifty Thursday

I am a thrift store junkie!  I know i’m not alone. There are throngs of us who prefer finding cast offs, old treasures and odds & ends to repurpose.  For me it’s the rush you get when you find that perfect item for the project you’re working on or the smile when you find something you didn’t know you needed but it is exactly what you’re looking for.  These are the days of Thrifty Thursdays.

On Thursdays i’ll share what i’ve found and what I plan to do with it. With any luck i’ll be able to show you the final outcome that my little found treasures become.

This week I made an impromptu stop at the local thrift store and just before they were closing!  Apparently that’s all the good mojo I needed to locate some “must haves”.

One big black trash bag of t’shirts for my rugs, one bag of pinecones and a silly ceramic snail that will rest all cozy in the garage until spring when she can go into the garden to work her snail magic. All said and done I spent a whopping $5.04 for these treasures.

$3 for the t’shirts,

$1 for the pinecones 

and .75 for Sylvia snail. 

I’d call that a good little trip!

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