We’re In!

It was a fast and furious whirlwind of a move, but we are in the new house.  As of this morning I finally was able to pet Shadow again who was not happy about being put in a crate and taken from the only dwelling he’s ever known.  So to prove his point he has been hiding in the couch, yes I said “in” the couch, for two days.  Reclining couches apparently have a space where said kitty can sulk.  Sunday night we hauled in the last of our belongings. Exhausted and sore are understatements.  Thanks to our son and his friend this went much easier than it could have been. Monday morning we were treated to the site of 4 deer in our back yard.

Today after work i’m meeting with the repair man so he can fix the faucets where the washer hooks up.  Yes, I know this is a perfect DIY moment but I don’t have the energy or time to deal with it right now.  While said repair man makes my life easier I have set the goal of completely unpacking the kitchen before I go to bed tonight. Unrealistic? Most likely. But i’m going to give it a shot and hopefully have a useable kitchen by the time we fall into bed.

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